Healthcare designed with your intuitive wisdom!

This group of practitioners have done and are continuing to do their own liberation work in order to provide their clients with the most ample space to explore their own needs and intuitive wisdom. 

We see each of you as the experts of you. 

Meet Our Practitioners

This group of practitioners have done and are continuing to do their own liberation work in order to provide their clients with the most ample space to explore their own needs and intuitive wisdom.

Stephenie Hansen-Del Rio


Location: Kent/Ballard

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Call: 425-243-2691

Stephenie's Bio

Stephenie is a licensed mental health counselor that specializes in working with clients with disordered eating, chronic dieting, and eating disorders along with anxiety, depression and grief/loss.

Stephenie works from a HAES ®, weight neutral perspective and believes that oppression toward any body is not okay. 

Compassion for the self is the foundation in re-building trust in ones own emotions.  Attunement to our body’s wisdom (feelings) can guide us to our most valued living.

Dr. Lily Stokely

– N.D.

Location: Ballard
Phone: 206-279-6390
Fax: 206-458-7603

Dr. Stokely's Bio

Dr. Lily Stokely is a primary care naturopathic physician with additional interest in eating disorder prevention and treatment. She studied naturopathic medicine at Bastyr University, graduating receiving extra curricular training in intuitive eating, kinesio taping, craniosacral therapy, visceral manipulation, biofeedback, trigger point injection therapy, homeopathy, as well as a two-year counseling internship as a student counselor at the university.

She additionally completed a two year residency under the supervision of Dr. Molly Niedermeyer at Emerald City Naturopathic Clinic. She has a bachelors of science in dietetics from The University of California, Berkeley where she gained additional training in teaching Health at Every Size and Intuitive Eating models.

Additionally, Lily is a yoga teacher with experience instructing private and public classes as well as yoga teacher trainings. 

Lily has experience as a group facilitator for support groups of varying topics including eating disorders, intuitive eating, relationships, and movement/exercise.

Lily lives and practices from the perspective that every individual has their own unique definition of what it is to be healthy. She is passionate about aiding people in their exploration of health and works from an integrative, whole body, mind, spirit perspective. She believes that it is important to practice what she teaches and does her best to live from a place of self-care, kindness, and compassion as she hopes to help others do the same.

Prior to her work in health, Lily grew up in a very small, rural community in the far northern mountains of California. She was raised learning to care for the land through gardening and tending to the farm animals. This childhood allowed her to develop a deep appreciation for nature and a passion for discovering the human connection within it. In her spare time she currently enjoys spending time with family, hiking, camping, skiing, gardening, and playing frisbee with her German Shepherd.

Irene Malloch


Location: University District/Ballard

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Irene's Bio

Irene Malloch graduated from Discovery Point School of Massage with a license in massage therapy. She uses a blend of Swedish, Thai, Neuromuscular Massage, Fascial Unwinding, Shiastu, and Energy Medicine to meet each clients individual needs and boundaries.

Irene uses her intuition to guide her massage work, approaching each client with ease and respect. As part of her practice, Irene encourages each individual to tune into their bodies, honoring what feels good, safe, and most beneficial in that moment.

Irene is passionate about movement, she trains in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, does ecstatic dance, contact improv, and has been doing yoga for over 15 years. She loves connecting to herself and her inner child through movement.

Lindsay Birchfield


Location:  Kent/Bellevue

Lindsay's Bio

Lindsay’s formal education defines her as a Registered Dietitian, but she prefers to identify as a health activist. Lindsay is committed to undoing the dehumanizing and fatphobic legacy of diet culture and traditional dietetics.

Eating Disorders, Weight-Neutral Medical Nutrition Therapy, Chronic Dieting, and Queer Health

Virginia Newman


Location:  Ballard

Virginia's Bio

Virginia helps her clients build a nourishing and peaceful relationship with food, using an intuitive eating approach to guide the way.

Meghan Cichy


Location: Kent

Meghan's Bio

Certified Eating Disorder Registered Dietitian (CEDRD), Meghan is passionate about working with her clients from a weight neutral, Health at Every Size ® perspective and believes in self-compassion as a foundation for re-building trust, connection, and confidence with ones own body.

Kari Logan


Location:  Ballard

Kari's Bio

Kari Logan graduated from Bastyr University with a Masters in Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine. She is an East Asian Medical Practitioner (EAMP), a Licensed Massage Therapist (LMT), and Board Certified in Biofeedback (BCB). 

Kari believes that the body has an intrinsic ability to heal itself and that her role as a practitioner is to assist the body in its own healing. Modalities offered are acupuncture, botanical medicine, craniosacral therapy, visceral manipulation, mind body medicine and biofeedback.

Kari has lived in the Pacific Northwest for 11 years and loves exploring the mountains and oceans in the area through skiing, hiking, and walking on the beach. She also enjoys tending to her garden and eating the fruits of her labor.

Sarah Thompson


Location:  Virtual

Sarah's Bio

Eating Disorder Recovery Coach- (pronouns: they/them) is a Certified Body Trust® Provider, eating disorder recovery coach, and medical advocate. After struggling for most of their life with an eating disorder (I did not know that then) and dieting, they found recovery which is a major reason that they support others on their recovery path. Sarah is passionate about raising awareness on the intersections of size, gender identity, and sexual orientation with eating disorders and body image through an anti-oppression and liberation-based lens.

Their work with people is based on a collaborative peer support model where the person seeking support directs the focus of discussion. It is your recovery, and my hope is that you feel empowered by our work together. I believe you have an inherent right to trusting your body. Many things can disrupt this trust in our bodies, and I want to support you in being able to trust your body as much as you possibly can.

Eating Recovery Coach– Sarah Thompson is an amazing person to contact if you are struggling between your appointments. They are an eating disorder recovery coach. They can provide extra support in many ways. Sarah is available to provide meal support when eating on your own feels daunting. In addition, if you want to talk about recovering with someone is in recovery from an eating disorder and dieting, they will share with you what they think is helpful.

In case you’re wondering, you don’t have to have an eating disorder to be able to work with Sarah. They are also able to talk about body image and learning to respect and trust your body. Sarah is a queer, fat, non-binary person who is happy to discuss how identity affects recovery if you would find that helpful. And if you want help advocating for yourself at a health care appointment of any kind, they offer that support as well for people in larger bodies or gender affirming care.

Kristy Fassio

– Certified Body Trust® Provider

Location:  Kent

Call to schedule: 253-234-7588

Kristy's Bio

Kristy is Certified Body Trust® Provider and a counseling intern navigating the world of eating disorder treatment with the intention of bring the Health at Every Size and Body Trust® lens to anyone in her path.  

Clients with Binge Eating Disorder are her passion, and she delights in walking clients down the path to embodiment. A former personal trainer and pre and post-natal fitness expert, Kristy believes that every body deserves joyful movement, every body deserves to be seen, and that fat bodies are incredibly amazing.

Our Services

Naturopathic Care

Naturopathic physicians provide individualized medicine to the patient through a whole body approach with an emphasis on preventative strategies, diagnosis and treatment. Naturopathic medicine focuses on the foundations of health for each patient, including assessment of hydration, nourishment, living environment, joyful movement, restful sleep, meaningful relationships, and exposure to nature. We believe that the body has an intrinsic ability to heal itself and that our role as a practitioner is to assist the body in its own healing.

Naturopathic physicians are trained as primary care doctors and help coordinate your health care needs including annual exams, imaging, ordering labs, and referrals. Naturopathic physician training includes advanced topics in botanical medicine, mind body medicine, pharmacology, craniosacral therapy, osseous manipulation and homeopathy. They will generally spend 60 to 90 minutes with you on the first visit and 30 to 60 minutes on follow up so that they can fully understand all of the factors contributing to your health. They can treat all conditions and are covered by most insurance.

Our philosophy trains us to use treatment that is of the least harm to that individual while supporting the mind, body, and spirit to define and facilitate individualized optimal health.

Naturopathic Therapeutic Order

1. Establish the conditions for health by addressing the Determinants of Health and identifying and remove the Obstacles to Cure

2. Stimulate the Vis Medicatrix Naturae

3. Tonify weakened systems

4. Correct structural integrity

5. Address pathology: Use natural substances (Herbs, Supplements and Homeopathy)

6. Address pathology: Use pharmacologic or synthetic substances

7. Suppress or surgically remove pathology

Nutrition Therapy

Our nutrition services center the client as the expert of their body and their experience. We offer client support from an intuitive eating, health at every size, and body trust lens, backed by our knowledge of human metabolism and current nutrition research to support our clients in navigating a culture that promotes relying on external sources to tell us what, when, where, and why to eat (“diet culture”).

We trust your bodies. Our sessions support movement back to your intuition on how to feed yourself. We are all born with it and our work together will help you to uncover it. We strive to create a peaceful relationship to food and body so that you can live your life unencumbered by the ever shifting rules and relentless chatter that diet culture promotes.

We work with eating disorders and disordered eating, chronic dieting, eating disorder prevention (working with families and adolescents), as well as blood sugar management and cardiovascular issues, and any other medical nutrition therapy support.


Biofeedback is one tool under the Mind Body Medicine umbrella. Biofeedback uses external feedback from various sources such as a mirror, verbal feedback from your practitioner, or visual feedback from computer sensors, this information will help you start to recognizing your own bodily signals. By gaining recognition of your body signals you can self regulate physiological reactions that are usually considered unconscious or automatic.

Some common tools used in Biofeedback Training are:

  • Meditation and Mindfulness Training
  • Autogenic Training
  • Guided Imagery
  • Breath work
  • Journaling
  • Relaxation Techniques
  • Physical and Postural Exercises

Mind Body Medicine

Mind Body Medicine is based in the understanding that there is an intrinsic connection between our mind, body, and spirit.

By cultivating and noticing this connection we can then modulate our thoughts, sensations, and feelings. Mental or emotional stress leads to physical changes in the body, and physical sensations leads to mental or emotional changes.

The goal of Mind Body Medicine is to create balance in the nervous system so you can cultivate a sense of resiliency and peace in any situation. We all have a set of hard wired responses to our experience of the world and by finding your inner strengths, understanding your values, and with daily practice, these responses may be rewired. Some tools used to gain this self-awareness are biofeedback, mindfulness meditation, and guided imagery.

The first step of Mind Body Medicine involves self-awareness, you will be invited to monitor your physical sensations, mood, emotions, thought patterns, and habitual behaviors. You will be asked to engage in daily home practice that mirrors the in-office training. Mind Body Medicine will help to train you to live in a way that would most benefit your well being as a whole-person.


Acupuncture is a form of medicine from East Asia that dates back over 3000 years. This comprehensive philosophy on medicine understands pain and disease are signs that the normal flow of Qi (energy/vitality) has been blocked.

Using very small, hair thin needles, inserted into various points on the body, acupuncture helps to re-balance and heal the body by smoothing and revitalizing the flow of Qi.

Acupuncture has been used by doctors throughout Asia to prevent and treat ailments of all kinds. Today acupuncture is used around the world and is endorsed as a viable medical treatment option by both the US National Institute of Health and the World Health Organization.

Mental Health Therapy

Mental Health Psychotherapy is a widely used practice to help heal psychological distress.  The Therapists at Rooted Heart Healthcare understand that at times we all experience phases of life that can feel disruptive and overwhelming.

We can find ourselves questioning our decisions and wondering how to take the next step.  Even while these experiences are incredibly common they can make us feel deeply isolated.  We understand your feelings and are committed to partnering with you to provide personalized and supportive therapy that will help you work towards experiencing change and healing.

We believe that all people are in pursuit of wellness and can benefit from the opportunity to partner with someone in this pursuit.  We all work from a social justice lens and HAES ® perspective.

Massage Therapy

Massage Therapy is manual manipulation of the soft tissue structures in the body to promote health and well being. Through cultivating a therapeutic relationship with our clients and providing skilled and caring touch we offer a space for our clients to heal the mind, heart, body, and spirit.

The beauty of massage is that it is beneficial to anyone no matter where they are in their journey. Our goal with every client is to empower them with open communication and to provide a safe and relaxed space for them to unwind.

Depending on what your body is needing we use one or more of the following modalities: Swedish Massage, Thai Massage, Shiastu, fascial unwinding, neuro-muscular massage, cranio-sacral therapy, visceral and neural manipulation, lymphatic facilitation, intra-oral, and energy medicine.

All approaches serve to link the nervous system and your sensory awareness to the soft tissue structures of the body enhancing the body’s inherent ability to heal itself.

Providing patients space to explore your own needs.

Rooted Heart Healthcare, PLLC is a Healthcare cooperative that came together in response to a need for non- stigmatizing, weight neutral, anti-oppressive healthcare.

This group of practitioners have done and are continuing to do their own liberation work in order to provide their clients with the most ample space to explore their own needs and intuitive wisdom.

We believe that each person knows, intuitively, what is best for their own bodies, health, mental health and wellness. We are unique in healthcare in that we do not view ourselves as the “experts”.

We see each of you as the experts of you.

Unfortunately, healthcare and many other industries can inhibit our attunement to our wisdom. We see health more as a homecoming than as something outside of us that we need to attain. We are honored to partner with you in regaining your trust in you.


Health Care Rooted in the Heart


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